"Your mosaics are wonderful. They are full of gentle irreverence to
a previous age of collected china - yet somehow the medium in
which you work brings it all right into the ideals of 21st century recycling.
Marcell Duchamp would have liked it too " Hilary Bryanston 21/5/2012 http://www.hilarybryanston.co.uk/

"The juxtaposition of reclaimed china nik naks set on utilitarian objects creates an esoteric and joyful collection of work. Quirky and imbued with a sense of fun Janes’s exhibition was widely accessible and hugely enjoyed whilst on exhibition in Pontardawe Arts Centre" Angie Dickinson, Area Artistic Manager Cultural Services Pontardawe Art Centre

"Very cleverly thought out and very interesting/dazzling/amazing! funny amusing" Sharon Morgan 3/5/2012

"We came - we saw - we loved it" Lorna http://lorna-artymess.blogspot.co.uk/

"Art that I actually like" B. Mathias

"Really beautiful work - taken some ideas from you - love the
fact that you're recycling and making such lovely pieces.
Very good work .. such imagination!"
Shirley Harries 24/5/2012

"Never seen anything like it! .. Refreshing and new" ... Lizzie

"So imaginative, clever and how art should be. So much hard work and thought. Amazing" Rowan Whitehead

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